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'For a social system based on mutual aid and voluntary co-operation; against all forms of oppression. To establish a share in the general prosperity for all - the breaking down of racial, religious, national and sex barriers - and to fight for the life of one earth.'
Cowley Club
12 London Road

01273 696104

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October 31. 2012 10:28:18


In the day, we are open to the public, when the bar is open (evenings from 7pm, Sundays from 2pm) then members and their guests of the 12 London Road Social Club are welcome. Unless otherwise stated below, then evening events are bar events.

Mon. 1st, 18:30, Cowley Club general meeting, come and get involved in running your club.

Tue. 2nd, 20:00, Czech punk from GATTACA (too emo for crust, too good for hardcore. Bringing to mind The Spectacle, Children of Fall, Schifosi and Ekkaia), REMEK (emo punk joy. Think early Envy and Ampere)

Wed. 3rd, 20:00, Club Zygotic, benefit for Cowley PA.

Thu. 4th, 20:00, Yummy vegan evening meal, GBP 4.00

Fri. 5th, 20:00, Brighton Anti Fascists' benefit gig. CONSTANT STATE OF TERROR (awesome DIY hardcore punk - only Brighton show of the year!). KYLMA SOTA (raw hardcore punk from Finland. Disclose/Discharge meets Riistetyt/Mellakka/Tampere SS/Kaaos!). LACK OF JOE (straight up south coast hardcore punk).

Sat. 6th, 20:00, Bootlegger Bar; An exclusive speakeasy space to sip cocktails, dance to electroswing, and shake your flapper fringes. Dress code - 1920s. Suggested donation GBP 5.00

Mon. 8th, 17.00-20.00 Clothes Swap it's not only for girls.  the best way to some life into your wardrobe. Just bring your old unloved clothes and let your eyes and heart fall for some 'new' amazing pieces of attire. and all that for FREE.
20:00, Evening meal, Benefit for skylark housing co-op.

Tue. 9th, 20:00, Anime film season. Screening of an anime film plus letter writing to political prisoners.

Wed. 10th, 20:00, Fcking the Night present wildly alternative rock music mixing indie rock, math and metal: Pneu, Cousin and Broker. Suggested donation GBP 3.00

Thu. 11th, 20:00, Yummy vegan evening meal -Caucasian delights- GBP 4.00

Fri. 12th, 20:00, Club Zygotic, benefit for Cowley PA.

Sat. 13th, 20:00, Slutdisko - Lucky doom is back,  nineteen eighty four electropunk dance off with amazing live set by The infamous Mekjano Set.  Dystopian themed dancing mayhem. PARTY LIKE IT'S 1984. Slut Disko, in association with The Ministry of Love, present an Orwellian evening devoted to all things INGSOC. Thoughtcrimes, Sexcrimes, Facecrimes, Noisecrimes. Members of The Mekano Set (The Ministry of Music) will present a demonstration of a modern Song Writing Machine. Proles + Inner Party + Outer Party + Anti-Sex League members welcome. Dress to be oppressed. Free.

Sun. 14th, 18.00 Queer Movie Night - A bit of food a bit of  thought provoking queer gems of European cinematography. Free.
20:00, Feminist folk with Kelly Kemp, El Morgan and Helen Chambers. GBP 4.00 suggested donation. Benefit for Skylark Housing Co-op.

Mon 15th, reading group

Tue. 16th, 18:30, Mernet Mediterranean film club presents MY BROTHER IS AN ONLY CHILD (Italian with English subtitles). The story of two brothers who are torn apart by their opposing political views and their shared love for the same woman. Running time: 100 minutes. Free, all welcome, suggested donation GBP 1.00

Wed. 17th, 19:30, Radical History Film Night, The Weather Underground: From 1969 until the mid 1970s The Weather Underground sought to end the Vietnam war by joining forces with the Black Panthers, and even issued a Declaration of war against the US government. This award-winning documentary tells the story of the movement in the words of ex-members, and explores a fascinating period of recent American history. (2002. Documentary). Free popcorn.

Thu. 18th, 17:00, Bar collective training session - learn all there is to know about working the Cowley bar, from pulling the perfect pint to keeping the lines sparkling clean.
20:00, Yummy vegan evening meal, GBP 4.00

Sat. 20th, Daytime: Zine Fair.
20:00 Live music from The Don Bradmans and Barley Roots Collective.

Sun. 21st, Club Zygotic all dayer, benefit for Cowley PA.

Mon. 22nd, 19.00-21.00, Bookshop talk - After Summerhill: What Happened to the Pupils of Britain's Most Radical School? Author Hussein Lucas talks about his book with another alumnus. Since it was set up 90 years ago, Summerhill has never required a pupil to attend lessons. Furthermore, the school is run by the kids in conjunction with the teachers and houseparents on an equal basis. "Essentially, this is a book about education based on trust and the absence of fear [...] This is the story of the original 'free school' and is increasingly relevant in an age where the free school has become a significant feature of the educational landscape." Free and open to everyone.

Tue. 23rd, 20:00, Anime film season. Screening of an Anime film plus letter writing to political prisoners.

Wed. 24th, 20:00, SchMOVIES presents WE WHO WAIT - A documentary on The Adverts and TV Smith. With Special Guest Speakers: TV Smith (front man of the Adverts) and the director of the documentary: Jamie Palmer. TV and Jamie will be introducing the film and taking questions after. TV Smith might get his arm twisted to play a few tunes as well. We Who Wait tells the story of punk band the Adverts and the continuing music career of their former frontman TV Smith, one of the most talented, literate and passionate - yet curiously overlooked - songwriters to emerge from London's vibrant '77 new wave scene. Dir: Jamie Palmer (2012) 60 mins. Suggested donation: GBP 4.00 to cover travel costs.

Thu. 25th, 20:00, Yummy vegan evening meal, Transylvanian treats not only for vampires GBP 4.00

Fri. 26th, The gig on this night has been cancelled. Please check back later in case something else is arranged.

Sat. 27th, 20:00, Club Zygotic, benefit for Cowley PA.

Sun. 28th,
13.00, A delicious vegan roast cooked by the Squatters Network of Brighton.
Followed by...
16:00, Talk with speaker from Abahlali Base Mjondolo (the South African shack dwellers movement). Organised by Squatters Network of Brighton and Cowley Books.
20:00, Club Zygotic, benefit for Cowley PA.

Mon. 29th, 19:00, Monday is the new Friday. Yes we are back. An evening of live music from local bands and singer/songwriters with the odd surprise act thrown in. From folk to rock and everything else in between. Cowley Club PA Fundraiser, Entry GBP 3.00.

Wed. 31st, 20:00, Halloween Cowley Fundraiser.
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